Product Questions

Our decking boards come in standard 3.6 metre lengths and are 140mm wide and 25mm deep.

Composite deck boards can be cut in the same way as traditional timber deck boards, using ordinary woodworking tools. Choose a sharp medium toothed blade for your circular or mitre saw for a clean edge.

Our products are designed to be low maintenance, however to keep up the aesthetics we do recommend you are vigilant when moving garden furniture and other products on the decking.

Expect a subtle transformation in the colour of our Composite Decking and Fencing products over the initial six months due to sun exposure. This natural process gives them a lightened hue before they settle into their final, enduring shade.

Both are precision-engineered for maximum durability and support, and are ideal for handling heavier furniture while maintaining an elegant, timeless aesthetic. Our Prime range has a circular hollow composite decking, designed for exceptional weight distribution and enhanced stability.

Installation Questions

Supporting every composite deck is a strong and reliable subframe which can be made up of joists and pedestals or battens. This substructure is vitally important to make sure your deck allows drainage and airflow, and your deck is only as durable as the frame holding it up. Our range of decking substructure accessories includes adjustable pedestals, corrosion-resistant weight-bearing aluminium joists and composite battens.

It is important to leave gaps between boards when installing your composite decking, but the size of the gap you choose can vary. As long as the space left is big enough for adequate drainage and board expansion in the heat, and the gaps are exactly the same size to give a uniform finish, the gap size is an aesthetic decision. We supply easy-to-install hidden fasteners that act as spacers, making it easier to achieve perfectly even spacing. Our 6mm hidden fasteners are durable and cost-effective, and our 3mm fasteners give a tighter, more flawless finish.

Gaps of 8 – 12mm are recommended for butt joints (where one deck board touches another) and deck ends against walls etc. Remember that the weather makes a difference – on hot days the boards will be expanded, so they will need minimal gaps. On cold days the boards will be contracted, so install them with the larger gap size.

Our reversible decking boards can be installed either side up – the choice is yours! On one side is a natural wood grain effect and on the other a modern ridged pattern. Choose one or the other, or use a mix of both to delineate different garden areas – it’s a purely aesthetic choice.

Maintenance Questions

You don’t! One of the great benefits of composite decking is that it is delivered as a finished product in your chosen colour. Our composite decking is available in a range of classic and modern colours – order a free sample pack to see the colour options for yourself.

Quickly and easily! Composite decking requires much less cleaning and maintenance than the timber alternative. For regular maintenance, just sweep away leaves and debris every so often (remember to clear the gaps between boards), and wash the deck with warm soapy water, a scrubbing brush and hose a couple of times a year.

Our composite decking comes with a 10-year limited warranty for complete peace of mind.