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We use recycled wood & plastic.

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Our Range of Colours

Sterling Composite Decking - Mid Grey (3.6m)Sterling Composite Decking - Mid Grey (3.6m)

Sterling Composite Decking - Mid Grey (3.6m)

Sterling Composite Decking - Black (3.6m)Sterling Composite Decking - Black (3.6m)

Sterling Composite Decking - Black (3.6m)

Prime Composite Decking - Mid Grey (3.6m)Prime Composite Decking - Mid Grey (3.6m)

Prime Composite Decking - Mid Grey (3.6m)

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Pit Road, Waterside, Glasgow, G66 3ND, United Kingdom

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Got Bulldog Decking for my garden project that I've been putting off for months and it looks great. We get a lot of rain and found timber to be slippy, but this decking keeps me on my feet!


Bulldog Decking was a great choice for my garden. Quality product, simple installation, and it's sustainable. Garden's looking better than ever and I'm considering the fencing next.


Happy the website told me what I needed, as it made the job an easy one. Great quality products too, I'd 100% recommend Bulldog.